Authors: Amy Brown


In 2007, Mr Dhanoa, operating through his four companies (the “Claimants”), engaged Fosters (the “Defendant”) as architects to design a luxury 5-star hotel at London Heathrow. According to Mr Dhanoa, he told Fosters that the scheme must be designed within a budget of £70 million. Just a few months later, costs consultants EC Harris costed the design at £195 million. Mr Dhanoa then increased his budget to £100 million, allegedly in reliance upon Fosters telling him that the scheme could be ‘value engineered’ down to that figure.

Authors: Juli Lau and Amy Brown


Cyden Homes Limited (the “Defendant”) engaged North Midland Building Limited (the “Claimant”) to design and construct a large house (known as ‘South Farm’) plus outbuildings. The contract used was the JCT Design & Build Contract 2005 with bespoke amendments.

The amendment at issue in this case concerned the extension of time provision where the employer has received notification of a delay to the works from the contractor, which read that where: