A recent report published by the Adjudication Society, Report No.14, presents ‘research analysis of the development of adjudication based on returned questionnaires from adjudicator nominating bodies (ANBs) and from a sample of adjudicators.’

The report found significant improvements in adjudication, with referral growth increasing by 12% to levels comparable to the economic crisis of 2008. There has also been an increase in disputes of a value between £1 million and £5 million, which the Adjudication Society suggest is a result of disputes occurring on larger, high value projects or work packages.

‘Payment’ remains to be primary subject of a dispute, followed by ‘pay less notices’. The Adjudication Society also warns of the rise in the phenomenon of ‘smash and grab’ adjudications, with payees seeking large sums on the grounds that no valid payment or pay less notice has been issued to counter their application.

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