Challenging an adjudicator’s decision

If you do not agree with an adjudicator’s decision, you may have grounds to challenge it in the courts. Specialist legal advice is essential, as there are only limited circumstances in which a challenge is likely to succeed.

These come down to whether the adjudicator has acted in accordance with the rules of natural justice or whether the courts are willing to intervene on a specific legal matter. However, the likelihood of successfully appealing an adjudicator’s decision is low and it may be more sensible to commence fresh proceedings on the matter.

Our team of adjudication experts are highly experienced in advising on and bringing challenges to adjudicators’ decisions. We can provide you with pragmatic advice and representation, should you wish to challenge the adjudicator’s decision or to commence fresh proceedings.

Our services include:

  • advising on challenges to adjudicators’ decisions;
  • preparing court applications;
  • representation at the hearing;
  • guidance throughout the court process; and
  • advising on bringing fresh proceedings.