Preparation for adjudication

The key to winning an adjudication in a construction dispute is good preparation.

Whether you are the referring or responding party, it is essential that your submission is prepared correctly and concisely.

If you are involved in a dispute within the construction sector then it is important to establish at the outset whether adjudication is the right course of action – other dispute processes such as negotiation or mediation may be more appropriate.

Sharpe Pritchard has been heavily involved in adjudication since its inception. We draw on substantial experience and prowess in dispute resolution including more than four decades of advising on construction contract disputes. Consequently we are well placed to advise you on whether or not to commence an adjudication.

Should you decide to adjudicate, we provide expertise in the preparation and submission of construction claims across all areas of potential dispute, including:

  • final accounts;
  • loss and expense claims;
  • extension of time claims;
  • variations; and
  • defects of design and workmanship.

Our dedicated team of adjudication specialists is highly experienced in analysing the applicable heads of loss and ensuring these are substantiated by relevant evidence.

The manner in which evidence is presented will often determine the outcome of the adjudication. We can help you frame the best possible case to ensure your dispute is resolved quickly and effectively throughout the adjudication process.

Based on our extensive experience, we will advise you on the best tactics for your circumstances. We can identify the pitfalls to avoid to ensure that adjudication documents are prepared and submitted effectively, to maximum effect.

We recognise that each adjudication is unique and requires individual consideration.

Our service incorporates:

  • guidance on how to take your case forward using adjudication;
  • reviewing your case quickly and effectively;
  • considering enforcement prospects against the responding party; and
  • preparing the referral to adjudication.